Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot days and politics

It is hot in the Middle West. Crops are drying to death in the fields of the South. Cleveland's high for July 21 was 1952's 97°F. It was matched to-day, other spots in Ohio reached 100°, to-day. The last time it was hotter than to-day was in 1995.

Some time ago [February 2010], in the nation's capital, the overbearing, obnoxious idiot senator from Oklahoma played up the igloo, his daughter's family built, in mocking derision. It must be remembered that his, Jim Inhofe's, campaign money has come from oil and gas interests, and electrical utilities. That is how things are played.

The media is not making any comparison of to-day's weather to 'global warming' or 'climate change'. No Democrat is trying to make a point on it. When we got cold, or snowy days in winter even people in the coffee shop cracked a joke about it.

Over this sort of stuff, i came to the conclusion, that, Catholic Republicans are Republicans first. We, a group had gathered for a talk on a religious topic, a traditionalist Catholic presentation. One fellow there, of my acquaintance, had spoken of his admiration of the Repukes and the worst president ever, gwbjr. Ok, i expected that; then he went on the anti-climate change wagon. He would not count it plausible that that was propaganda by economic interests. That was the first time i saw the issues linked: extreme climate scepticism, and the Republican party. Suggesting the tobacco companies didn't 'believe' that smoking was related to cancer, did not register with him. Learning, reason, education loses to personal political belief, and the bank accounts grow — all hail Mammon.

No, we were there to talk about the existence of evil in the world, the four last things, and so on. There are doctrines that Christians, and especially Catholics believe in: the Virgin Birth, the Immaculate Conception, the Fall of Adam, the Resurrection of the Body, the Trinity. No, we are not all required to believe every mouthfoamer on the radio and television, and to have us vote for a fascist plutocracy; a castigation of all earnest, and respectable, history and science so that, it can be replaced by economic and political propaganda — is not in the bargain. Inconvenient truths, and documented facts are not to be jettisoned for bullshit. If you wish to believe bullshit that is fed to you by a devious schemer, that is one thing; to expect me to believe it is something else, or you could just watch Fox.

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