Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lennon, Resign

To-day, Wednesday, 6 July 2011, outside St. John's Cathedral in Cleveland, Ohio a protest and street conference took place. Every Wednesday after 4 p.m. there is one. To-day under two dozen came. A new banner was unveiled, 'Lennon, Resign Now'.

A couple of representatives of the Cleveland Teachers' Union (Local 279) came too. One was their Political Action Director, Michele Pomerantz. They, along with Santiago Feliciano, former counsel for the Diocese of Cleveland, spoke about the fate of former school buildings of parishes.

Under, the previous bishop (Anthony Pilla), and under the present (Richard Lennon) there is a special relationship with the charter school magnate David Brennan.
Brennan has benefited from sweetheart deals for his substandard instructional services. Brennan has benefited from low rents, and low prices for recent churches,schools and other parish properties bought. Brennan has also lobbied successfully [with Republicans] in Columbus to get the legislation he wants. He began this in the time of Voinovich's governorship to create the first 'charter schools' in Ohio.

Brennan wants increased profits. He also wants freedom from regulations, and greater control over labor. Brennan wins, with help from bishops and Republicans, while parishioners, pupils and their parents, teachers, and taxpayers lose. He practices a cronyist social darwinism where he is top predator.

What further disturbed the Catholic protestors was Brennan's influence in the parish closings. Especially, with the current ordinary there is a distinct preferential option for the wealthy and well connected. The Lennon-Brennan relationship is irksome.

Protestors carried signs, some reading:
Save our Churches
Pray for a Healthy Diocese
Lennon & Brennan Collusion
People or Profits
Twin Schemers ! Lennon & Brennan Privatise the Catholic Church
+ Lennon & Brennan ~ An Unholy Alliance
Lennon & Brennan Joined at the Wallet
Sacrificing Education for Profits
Diocese of Lennon: Selling Churches Protecting Pedophiles

A teacher is interviewed for a television station. It is unknown if the piece made any airing.

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