Friday, July 8, 2011

Hard times for fascist press lord?

I do not know if the fall of Faux news has begun. Fox, as they call themselves, is part of the international, billionaire, press lord Rupert Murdoch's empire. Glenn Beck has exited the building. In London a real scandal and crime may catch the public's attention.

News of the World is a once a week tabloid that is issued on Sundays in Britain. This is a rubbish paper one finds at the grocery, or drugstore shopping line. Murdoch has one in the US, Star. Rubbish, though it is, only the Times of India prints a larger issue in the english language, but Great Britain has a population of 61 million, India has 1,155 million. With those profits, and circulation (he owns other major papers, and television throughout the english speaking world and beyond) Murdoch has more power than W. R. Hearst (the model for Citizen Kane) ever had. Though Hearst was successful in having the US start a war against tottering Spain.

Murdoch, the good conservative catholic with two divorces, combats what he calls a 'liberal bias'. As a young man he inherited his father's papers in Australia, and moved to conquer Britain, and then the US. Of course he does well with sleazy papers, including New York Post. He also buys prestigious papers (London Times, Wall Street Journal), and reduces their quality.

His paper, News of the World, has been caught intercepting the messages, not just of celebrities and politicians, but of grieving relatives of the murdered, and military dead. The hot issue is over a kidnapped girl, who was later found dead. His people manipulated the story, by erasing phone calls, to give false hope that the child, Milly Dowler, would be alive. Is it reasonable to believe that this is the only rotten apple in Murdoch's barrel?

He is ending the operation of that paper as an independent publication. If Fox television is ever investigated, what would be found?

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