Saturday, April 23, 2011

anticipation of the Resurrection

To-day is Holy Saturday. The troubling hours after the first day of the Crucifixion, and before the surprise of Resurrection. The first Christians, the personal comrades of Jesus were shaken and did not know the morrow's outcome. We in reliving the year in Liturgy and Sacred Calendar do.

It is a troubling time for the Faith and the Church [at home and abroad]. Many of us are dispirited and despairing. We have the promise of great joy to come.

Some people to-day and to-morrow visit and decorate the graves of loved ones. Spring bulbs are often in bloom. It is opportunity for remembrance and respect.

It is traditional amongst the several Slavonic nations, and their several churches to have a basket of food blessed at church. It has spread to other people by proximity and diffusion. It is a custom still permitted and observed in some American churches. It is so popular that in many parishes it is done several times during the day. People spread out with their children and baskets, and with people whom generally do not come to a Catholic church,
and pews are filled.

Saint Barbara's is under appeal from suppression. It is another parish in Old Brooklyn, Cleveland near St. Leo's. The church, as every Polish church, was kept up. It did have a few leaky spots, perhaps the scaffold [to the left of the doors] is to patch the roof. Barbara's had healthy enough financial reserves when it was open to more than cover any repair cost, but while open each parish had to beg the bishop permission to repair anything above a certain nominal value. Lennon holds the purse and draws and tighten strings at will.
Now, Saint Leo had some financial shortcomings. It has bought, from the bishop, seven windows from the suppressed nearby Blessed Sacrament, which had money in the bank. It has also ransomed items from Old Brooklyn's Corpus Christi and Euclid's Saint Christine's. The Blessed Sacrament window, supra, replaces a severe and modernistic tabernacle that had been on the east transept wall. The ransomed items are visually more appealing and conducive for Christian worship than those they replaced.

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