Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter in northeast Cleveland

St. Mary of the Assumption, Collinwood (Cle.), O.
We have a very late Easter this year. It was good that the Latin church shared the same day with the Orthodox. Often we have had snow on the day. This year Holy Saturday was in the 70s Fahrenheit. For the Paschal vigil, Easter fire is made outside the church to bring lighted candles into the church. The wind was sporadic, once started the fire blew flames. It shewed that polyester suits are impractical. People in the neighborhood, outside the church, continued to make extraneous noise taking no notice of the service.
Easter morning was drizzly and quiet. The Casimiri that gathered to pray in the street saw rain 'color' the statue of St. Michael in a second shade of grey. The parish [St. Casimir] is continuing, the week before they had a successful, fundraising dinner to send a parishioner, and his mother, to the old country for medical treatment. They also discussed the next week's May crowning, John Paul's beatification and the Polish Constitution Parade, that, they are marching in next Sunday on Fleet.

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