Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ohio should not vote for Republicans

Today is first Tuesday in October. The first Tuesday in November will be the general election. Here in Ohio we have the governorship, a senatorial post and several other Congress positions contested. The Republican nominee for Senator, Rob Portman, was a trade representative for gwbjr. Now his commercials all talk about the ‘Portman Plan for Jobs’, as if it was substantial and well known. [insert piffle and snort sounds] If he becomes senator that will end anyone talking of the ‘Portman Plan for Jobs’. No one is going to pay attention to this document in Washington, he might as well have the Portman Plan for painting scenery for Lionel train sets. According to the polls Lee Fisher is dead in the water, too bad.

John Kasich was also congressman who loved going on camera and babbling the capitalist line. He was Boehner, before Boehner was. These candidates complain about the loss of 400,000 jobs in Ohio. They advocate the standard Republican trade positions (favorable trade with China, NAFTA, and the like) that created job loss. Kasich went to work for a Wall Street investment firm. He just switched departments. As a director for Invacare he eliminated Ohio jobs. They were all for the freedom of capital movement, and labor was just a cost of doing business, the cheaper the better. Now Ohio suffers because of it, and they blame Democrats. It is sort of like cats blaming dogs for screeching and meowing.

Ted Strickland defeated Ken Blackwell. Blackwell as Secretary of State was involved in the rigging of the vote in 2004. Blackwell, would be the teabag candidate if he ran to-day. He would be the rare black man to be a teabagger. Before Strickland, Ohio had eight years of the mumbling bumbler, Bob Taft. Taft's family has been one of the richest in the country for generations. His grandfather was 'Mr. Republican', the anti-Roosevelt of the '40s. His great-grandfather was President. Before Taft, Voinovich was governor for two terms (minus a few days).
Voinovich's greatest accomplishment was being elected to a series of offices (Mayor of Cleveland, governor and senator), and the citizenry got what? The State House had been controlled by the Republicans for much of this time, and businessmen wrote laws effecting their businesses. Ohio has had more than enough of Republicanism. The question is how many years would it take to recover?

Two businessmen, one primarily a car salesman, the other partly a car salesman, but he has hands in many things, Ganley* and
Renacci want to replace Betty Sutton and John Boccieri in Congress. Much information has shown them to be standard dishonest blow hard businessmen. They respond that the present Congressmen have to rely on mud, what they do not say is that they created the mud. They are guilty of the charges, and are upset that it has become public. Businessmen are never held accountable for hard business practices. It is dismissed as 'just business', any moral, ethical or legal infraction is dismissed.

Other shadow Republican groups too use the line that these Republicans will bring jobs if in office. When government creates jobs, Republicans complain of advancing socialism, they take socialism as dreadful. How are Republican created jobs not socialistic if they are created by Republican politicians?

They claim they will remove taxes on businesses and the rich, remove regulations, stop lawsuits for wrong doing. This is all license for the rich, and powerful, to ignore all laws and responsibilities. If they have to drive over a chuckhole, they will complain that the roads are not maintained. They want things for free. They are entitled, but never responsible.

Cutting taxes creates jobs? gwbjr and the Republican Congress cut taxes on the rich, and this, and other acts brought us the Great Recession. Twelve years of Republicanism after World War I brought us the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt created the New Deal to save America and correct abuses. The Republicans have removed a great deal of those protections, hence we are where we are now economically. Now they want power again. Roosevelt was elected four times, and everything was not corrected.

It reminds me of the man who killed his parents, and told the judge he is an orphan and to give him a chance. Voting Republican is harmful to America, and the universe.
Postscriptum: 8 October 2010. I forgot, vote Richard Cordray. Michael 'deWeasel' DeWine used to be a senator. Now, he wants to be Ohio's Attorney General. Not exactly a promotion. He says in a commercial, that he has integrity [sic]. He will prosecute Republicans as well as Democrats. Bull****! He was one of the senatorial prosecutors of President Clinton's trial. He said nothing on the Republican House scandals, or anything against the Cheney-gwbushjr corruption. Apparently lying about war, and so many, many things is outweighed by lying about a sexual peccadillo. Is he running to keep his name on the ballot for his children's future elected employment? Ohio is famous for voting for familiar names. In part, Sherrod Brown defeated him, because 'Brown' has been a common state wide winner for generations of both parties. A daughter of deWeasel says, that, he will not allow business to be sued by wronged customers and citizens, of course it was phrased differently, but that is what is meant. He promises selective justice.

Further on that note: there is another commercial for a state justice, who will be 'balanced', and 'help business compete'. Again, no problem for self-contradiction. Admitting that one will favor business in court cases is admitting willful bias. But Republicans like Mussolini,
“The first stage of fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power”, and other fascists, believe government and business ought to conspire together to form a corporate state.

In one Kasich commercial, there is hired a faux steelworker to speak against Governor Strickland. This is the sort of employment oportunity Republicans have given: the hiring of third or fourth rate actors to be snarking commercial spokesmen.

*23 October 2010. This made the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I do not regularly see a copy, well it has an 'ick factor'. It has not made the television, to my knowledge. There seems to be a case that Ganley is a pervert.

postscriptum: Ides of March 2011. To-day, Kasich
, presented his budget. He has proven unpopular thus far. He and a shitload of Republicans are lucky that elections are not to-day.
“Voters in Ohio are feeling significant buyers remorse about the November election results already,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “Of course the reality is if Democrats had turned out Kasich never would have been elected. They voters who stayed home have mostly themselves to blame.”
Also: Ganley indicted on sex, kidnapping charges

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