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Hungarians at Colman's, Tayek tells stupid lies

Fathers Robert Begin and Sandor Siklodi
Bob Tayek lies for Richard Lennon. That is his job. He does it boldly and badly. It is noticed in Cleveland and elsewhere. A reporter from Los Angeles, Ralph Vartabedian, interviewed him about the huge number of closing eastern european parishes in the latin rite diocese of Cleveland. Tayek justified their closings, in part, by alluding to supposed absence of worshippers, “you can throw a baseball and not hit anybody.” After this was printed nationally, but not locally, some protesters at the suppression of St. Lawrence came with base ball mitts. One parishioner saw Tayek through an open front door, and yelled, "Hey Bob, wanna play catch?" No response.

Michael O'Malley of the local paper wrote, "Tayek said there have been no Slovak language Masses at St. Wendelin's for 25 years, so the need to serve that ethnic group is no longer there." This is a false statement, though appearing to be partly true. When the parish was formed all the Masses were in latin, but the parish was created to serve slovaks; so therefore, a slovak (or any ethnic parish) parish does not need to have Masses in their ancient vernacular, in order to qualify as an ethnic parish. Statements were made that Lennon was willing to have a slovak ministry to the slovaks of the to be suppressed St. Wendelin's and Our Lady of Mercy, but these folks wanted a parish and not a 'ministry'.
Father Sandor Siklodi distributing the Eucharist at St. Colman's, 3 October 2010.
Now, it can be supposed that these points are debatable and not false. One, open, and outrageous lie Tayek told was, that, the diocese never begins selling a church before it is closed. Tayek was quoted: "No property is placed for sale until a church is officially closed." Both a paper, and a television station, reported days before the suppression of St. Stanislaus, Lorain, the news that the buildings and grounds were openly being advertised on the internet through a real estate company for a stated asking price. Clearly, Tayek was lying, and the press never called him on it. St. Casimir's, whose suppression is under appeal, also was advertised, and that is canonically not allowed.

In yesterday's paper, a ridiculously stupid lie that Tayek told was reported:
"It's hard to understand why they won't go to St. Elizabeth's," said diocese spokesman Robert Tayek. "They have never given us a straight answer as to why they won't go there."
In this sentence there is so much garbage that cements the aptness of Tayek's nicknames—"Bull**** Bob" and "Baghdad Bob". St. Emeric's parishioners have given many reasons for the justness of their continuation, and for the unsuitability of giving up their parish to join St. Elizabeth's. Conversely, Lennon has given no reason to suppress St. Emeric's. Yet, the lennonists continue to lie. The diocese had seven hungarian parishes when Lennon arrived. One is opened now. In Cuyahoga County there were three hungarian parishes. Lennon told them two will be closed. That was an ultimatum. The parishes did not want to collaborate in their demise. They all wanted to be open. That was their first answer to Lennon, Armstrong (officer of parish dismemberment) and Tayek.

What did Emeric's have? They had money in the bank. They had a well maintained campus. They had their own priest, that came not from Cleveland's diocese, but from Alba Iulia, Romania (Gyulafehérvár, Transylvania). Emeric's priest, Fr. Sandor Siklodi was made persona non grata in Cleveland by Lennon. Siklodi is now going to Chicago which is willing to have an additional bi-lingual priest. St. Emeric's had parish organisations and extra-parish cultural organisations.

Why did the Emerics not want to go to Elizabeth's? They disliked the neighborhood. They did not find it easy, or appealing to go there. They want to drive to the near west side and not cross town, if it is acceptable that suburban parishioners need not have to drive into town for Mass, then why is it not acceptable for west siders not to drive a half hour longer to the east side? They believe that the elderly priest there will soon retire. They believe, that, after his retirement the parish will be changed from an hungarian parish to a territorial one. They also hear an I-490 extension may further delete the neighborhood, or will take the land that St. Elizabeth sits on. Tayek in a few words tells several lies.

Father Robert Begin, humourosly and graciously began Sunday's Mass at St. Colman's with a welcoming of St. Emeric's parishioners to St. Colman's, their "parish-in-exile". About 150, well over 140 of them hungarian, were there to celebrate the Divine Liturgy. It must be said, they are very grateful and appreciative of Father Begin and the parish of Saint Colman's. They had, at one time, hoped to negotiate some accommodation with another near west side parish, which was more politically akin to their views. That fell, and they now enjoy the warmth of their welcoming Catholic brethren at St. Colman's.

Afterwards they had coffee, and a long meeting to discuss how to continue as a parish community. They discussed Rome's attitude and the progress of their appeal. They also still grieved their eviction from St. Emeric's grounds. It is an harsh open wound. This is what they can not comprehend. How can the religion that they bind themselves so tightly to, in the form of the local administration, treat them so discourteously, and with such a grave, uncharitable animus?

They have secured an afternoon Mass for the first Sunday (of the month) at Colman's, they are considering one for the third Sunday, and one for the second at Elizabeth's, and if they are denied the space in a diocesan church, they are mulling using an Hungarian Lutheran Church, in which, the hand of Lennon can not extend, and which has welcomed Catholics to have meetings there.

Some of Emeric's community were very protective of their priest, and were at one point, uncomfortable in publicly announcing the further participation of Fr. Siklodi in a Mass in the diocese. Fr. Begin had no qualms or fears in this being public. Yesterday's newspaper made this public. Fr. Siklodi is no longer unemployed, and it is doubtful that he can be blacklisted further, now. Lennon is not going to Chicago.

Young crucifer leads ending procession at a bi-lingual Mass at Saint Colman's.

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