Saturday, October 30, 2010

Salesmen as Republican candidates

Now two women have come public stating, Tom Ganley is a predatory pervert. Ganley says this is engineered by his opponent, Congressman Betty Sutton, and the Democratic party. Ok, the Republican fanatics will buy that. I won't, and the internal evidence will not. The first woman has hired a very Republican lawyer, and her letter to Ganley, "...I came to you as a customer and you treated me like a hooker...You are no different than the Democrats", suggests she is a fanatic Republican too. She never mentions a Democrat trying to rape her, but she suggest they all are.

She met Ganley at a Teabagger rally. He wanted to be senator [then] and said he was against abortion. She was willing to campaign for him on that. Narrowly focused people are attracted to Republicans, very, very often. This is their advantage: find the one issue that someone only cares about, make promises you won't or can't deliver and you have them hooked, and you can do whatever you really want to do unadvertised.

Ganley is a car salesman millionaire. Among some of us, car salesman is equivalent to lying thief. He is not the only such one in Congress or aspiring to Congress. Locally, Renacci is another one.

A couple of the richest men in Congress are also car salesmen: Vern Buchanan (Fla.), who 'won' the seat after a contested vote count; Darrell Issa (Calif., *Cleve., O.), who used to steal cars [though unconvicted] and became rich selling car alarms, and if the Republicans take the House will be promoted to a high visibility position. Bill Shuster (Pa.) and John Campbell (Calif.) are two more used car salesmen, and they are all Republicans.

Now, to be a successful car salesman you must be able to convince a potential customer to buy. The more you sell, the more conviction you have in your ability. If he is cheated, so what, the sale is done. A few steps of hubris, and you become grandiosely self-important.

Now, local press is saturated with car advertisements. Bigger car lot salesman become locally well known. Some drip a few drops of their largesse to the public, while advertising. Ganley, for example, was often on local television news touting "Crimestoppers". Others sponsor youth sports teams for good exposure.

Years later, after their deaths, some car salesman are locally remembered for their commercials by people whom they never sold a car to. Sweet Dinah Shore used to sing, "See the USA in a Chevrolet". An old, thin, bald man sometimes wearing a goofy wig used to say on Cleveland, "See the USA in a C. Miller Chevrolet". The dealership is long gone, and there is a partial local generation that remembers his phrase, and were too young to remember Dinah.

A friend wrote to me: "Why can't Ganley just stick with his cars and his money.What is his agenda anyway?"

I responded: Money. Money corrupts. Those who have made more money than they can ever use want more. We do not have royalty here, but they still want prestige and power, therefore politics. Republicans especially love to run millionaires. And what would their agendas be? Justice for the poor? Hell NO!!!

Look at California: the arrogance of e-bay's Meg Whitman. She is spending well over a hundred million dollars in losing to Jerry Brown. She is against 'illegal aliens' and had one for nine years as an household servant, and she is infuriated the public found out—pure hypocrisy, a Republican party pillar.

In West Virginia (a Florida resident), and in Wisconsin there are worthless jackass Republican millionaires that are running for senate. Some people when they become rich, believe they should rule. Now, the other West Virginia senator is a Rockefeller, but he was born to ridiculous wealth and was satisfied with it. He could actually engage other interests and motives.

I brought this up in arguing about the Kennedys and the bushes. The Kennedys knew they had enough money, and recognised the often compromised ways they got it. 'Old Joe' was a Wall Street financier and bootlegger, but had some awareness of it in cosmic perspective. The bushes were also Wall Street financiers but with unchecked avarice, and unquenchable viciousness.

Back to Ganley and Renacci, these are THE REPUBLICANS. Their sort, and those that wish to be as them, will be their candidates all over. If they can tag up with teabaggers, they will, but their agenda is what it always has been:
For they that will become rich, fall into temptation, and into the snare of the devil, and into many unprofitable and hurtful desires, which drown men into destruction and perdition. For the desire of money is the root of all evils; which some coveting have erred from the faith, and have entangled themselves in many sorrows.—Paul's First Epistle to Timothy vi. 9-10.
postscriptum: Ides of March 2011. Ganley indicted on sex, kidnapping charges

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