Saturday, October 16, 2010

St. Wendelin: Candlelight Marian Service

Wendelin's parish was episcopally suppressed and endured a Mass of Eviction on 23 May. Lennon is Cleveland's bishop, and a parish member, James Armstrong (aka Chippie), was his diocesan officer of parish dismemberment, until very recently. The last days of the open parish were divisive. A committed group of members wished to have the parish stay open and continue, others fell to lennonist opinion.

Still there are members who continue on with parish life. A grotto shrine of Mary sits to the right of the church on Columbus Road. Its statue has been removed by the auspices of the chancery by their contractor, Henniger's Religious Goods.
Late Thursday afternoon, the 7th of October, several members of the suppressed St. Patrick's of Cleveland, and a few others attended a Mass at the latin rite cathedral, and then went to their home parish to light luminaries in honor of Mary and to ask her intercession to re-open their hostage parishes. Some of the extension letters of appeal, from the Vatican, had been on Marian holidays.

To-day at noon, at the suppressed parish of St. James there was an America Needs Fatima rally. This evening there was a Candlelight Marian Prayer Service at St. Wendelin's. It was for the cause of uniting members of the closed parishes in solidarity. They prayed and sang in front of the grotto. Someone brought a smaller traveling statue as an object of focus in substitution. They began by singing, Christ, Be Our Light.
The faith of some remains constant.
A few can spend their time together in the names of Jesus and Mary to pray for their parishes.
Prayers in candlelight, the faith still glows warm


  1. Though we could not be there in person to pray with "those truly dedicated to St. Wendelin Church", my mom, husband and myself where there in spirit. We attended Mass at 6pm. here in Texas. (That's Cleveland) We prayed that the destruction Lennon has caused be repaired in some way through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Gospel of Luke 18:1-8 was read.....dealing with the persistant widow trying to find justice. God's justice is on our side. He does feel and hears our cries. Pray and NEVER lose heart. God bless you all. elaine andrews carroll, kerrville tx

  2. Thank you Elaine and family for your continued support and prayers!

    Each time I attempt to 'give up' the Holy Spirit brings me back! I am sure it is all of the prayers that keep me going!
    Deb Kazar

  3. Keep on asking our Mother to guide us and intercede. She already has and will continue. Her son listens to her. Thank you for holding this Marian Prayer Service in her honor. Please continue to say the Rosary for our closed parishes and their parishioners. Keep on asking for her intercession. Keep the faith and be patient. Being united helps ease our pain- comfort each other through prayer. Pat Singleton

  4. Pray the Rosary it is Our Blessed Mother's Weapon of choice in combating the wrongs that were inflicted on the faithful.We are Her foot soldiers,and using Her Weapon faithfully will bring Victory to Her and give Glory and Praise to Her Son. Always speak the Truth, and treat others as you would want to be treated. Even if it is the hardest act to do.
    Patience, Faith, Hope and above all else Love is what will bring us through all this.Remember Our Lady will not let us down and God is always in control.

  5. Lennon took our Beloved Church, St.Wendelin.
    But, he can't take away our Faith & Love.
    As we've all come together in our Faith to Pray, we as Parishioners of St. Wendelin will hold strong to just that, our Love & Faith of Thee Almighty God, Our Lord Jesus Christ & The Blessed Virgin, Mary.
    The love of our church & the family/friendships from being a parishioner there, still holds strong. Being a part of this parish has instilled that into each of our hearts. That can never be taken from any of us.
    Prayer is very powerful! More powerful then Lennon!! Continue to Pray... Continue to Pray the Rosary. Our Prayers are being heard.

    Love & God Bless
    Denise Turner-Perry