Monday, November 2, 2009

'Citizen' initiated ballot measures

To-morrow is election day. In Ohio we have 'citizen' initiated ballot measures. Many are corporate business initiatives.

Issue 2 is one for an agricultural board. It is to regulate, in part, care of farm animals. Most animal care issues are promulgated by humane societies, this one is not. It is by agri-business. It will have a governor appointed board. Governor appointed boards are virtually universally occupied by representatives of business, big moneyed business, which are virtually universally not concerned with citizens' interest.

Issue 3 is for gambling casinos. I, think, it is the fifth time. Each one of these 'issues' are written by the prospective owners. Let us contemplate, to whom will this benefit the most. Also, the leading opponent is a competing gambling money.

The legislature is constituted to write laws. Often, they are 'influenced' by moneyed interests. But, the moneyed interests also have other avenues.

Issue 6 is for a restructuring of Cuyahoga County government. It again is supported by moneyed interests.

Too many 'citizen' initiatives are not!!! And for a tangential grievance, the 'teabagger, don't tread on me crowd' does not come out and oppose these sham 'citizen' measures. Yet, they oppose real community organisers, citizen activists, and legally and democratically elected Democrats. The hypocrisy and mendacity of the american political scene is gargantuan.

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