Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last song for Cecilia

St. Adalbert 2347 East 83rd St. Cleveland, O.

St. Hedwig 12905 Madison Ave. Lakewood, O.

In many choir lofts and music rooms there is a window of Saint Cecilia. She is the patron of music and is often remembered. Her presence is not required, but is always welcoming.

For a catholic in the US, 22 November is remarkable for St. Cecilia, and sad as the anniversary of the murder of President John Kennedy when he chose to go to Texas.

To-day was the last Sunday in the church year, Christ the King. To-day, if you went to church on either Cleveland's east side or west, you could have seen one of the windows above. Now, next year...well, Bishop Lenin has marked those churches expendable.

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