Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lennon takes possession of St. John the Baptist

6.41 p.m.
6.48 p.m.
6.50 p.m.
Hallowe'en 2009 we find out how long the patience of Bishop Lennon lasts...about an hour and a half. The mass of eviction finished at just about 5.30 p.m. EDT. A huddle of people attempt a sit down occupation, a vigil. The bishop has the testy Fr. Paul Rosing read a statement from chief magistrate for Summit County Common Pleas Court, John Shoemaker, dated yesterday, to leave St. John the Baptist in Akron. He retreats, and plain clothes Akron police, backed up by uniformed police evict the faithful.

Just previous to the send off, Bishop Lennon speaks to the "Endangered Catholics" for the first time. He says, he is not there to debate, that as of 15 May 2006 he is the tenth bishop of Cleveland, and the Supreme Court of Ohio in 1880 gave title of all church property of the diocese to the bishop. He was and is not interested in any other points.

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  1. Check out the posture and stance of the Bishop--God help us all!! Marilyn