Monday, November 16, 2009

Shame on Richie Lenin as he assaults another parish.

Richard Lennon has hired Jones Day law firm, the most powerful in the Middle West. He has used the civil courts to advocate, and enforce his claim of possession, while he has not deferred to Rome. St. Mary, Bedford, had received an extension to December 9th for the Vatican to review its appeal.

Richie Lenin is methodical. He uses different, foreign cars to arrive to a suppression. He was surprised by the raucous reception he received from the Poles at St. Casimir. He was prepared on this day. When two dozen parishioners left as he began his homily, he was blasé. People left, most often, calling out, "Shame on you". He had his staff and undercover police occupy perimeter positions. Armed, uniformed police came and went, yes, in the Home of the Prince of Peace, Jesus who disarmed Peter must have been saddened.

Later four parishioners processed with protest placards, and were escorted out. The police were more aggressive than in the past. The doors were locked. A policeman banged several times to have a door opened.

Richie Lenin is not a pastor, he is an imperious figure. He has no sentiment, only will. He recognises only his prerogative.


  1. Correction to the above account: about half (about 100 or so) of the roughly 200-member congregation at the closing mass walked out after strategically placing themselves in the front. The vast majority of walk-outs were people who had stayed over from the 10:30 Mass but many joined them in the walkout while those that stayed behind clapped and cheered.

    What the news organizations showed was but a small fraction of what actually occurred and they did not show the nastiest parts -- such as the shouts of "Judas" at the bishop -- probably because of a call from the diocese to censor it. Overall, the bishop got a very nasty "welcome" -- completely unexpected by him or his people. Furthermore, he had no peace during the entire Mass or his departure. Almost as if on queue, when he was about to start his homily, a group of protesters honked their car horns loudly outside and interuppted it. Divine Providence. They had to lock the doors. But protesters inside held signs up during the Mass as well. And one old parihsioner kept shutting off the sound system. Took Richie Lenin's people most of the Mass to figure out what was going on.

    The closing Mass at 1:30 was largely boycotted and the majority of people (about 1,000) attended the last 10:30 AM Polish Mass that day when Bishop Lennon was not present. The bishop carefully timed his arrival so it would occur before the 10:30 Mass was completed while all but a few protesters were still inside the Church. And he went straight to the priesthouse while his plainclothesmen infiltrated the Church and he ORDERED the 92-year-old pastor of 36 years to be present at the final Mass. Worse than what the communists did in Poland. And this in a country with freedom of religion!

    But the plainclothesmen didn't get much info because as the last details of this protest were being planned in the last minutes before the closing Mass, all conversation was done in Polish so nobody but those who should could understand. The plainclothesmen were everywhere and tried to butt into every group and conversation but were all ignored and given the cold shoulder. They obviously forgot that they were dealing with Poles who have a long history of confrontation with subjugating forces. Did they really think they would go quietly? He has managed to make himself persona non grata among the Poles of the Cleveland Diocese. Just goes to show you how little the bishop understands his diverse flock.

  2. I believe the comment, supra, elaborates very accurately to what occurred at Saint Casimir's. The essay, itself, refers to the precautions taken at Saint Mary, Bedford, so that, the bishop would not be so dumbfounded, as he had been at Saint Casimir's.