Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The very walls cry out against the bishop

A most beautiful church is Holy Trinity in Lorain, Ohio. There are paintings of eight angels with scrolls on the nave walls. Each angel bears a scroll with a Beatitude in slovak, beneath the angel is a block with a Beatitude in english. And below that is a candle. A candle, a catholic should know what that means. This church is consecrated. Most churches are blessed. A thing consecrated is given an indelible mark of permanence, it has been raised beyond profane usage in perpetuum. So put forth the Angelic Doctor Aquinas and the Council of Trent and so did the first century church. To profane such a place is a sacrilege. A consecrated church is to last as long as stone stands upon stone.

The scroll, supra, is of one of two angels in the choir balcony, it has a passage in slovak from Genesis xviii, "nieto tu ineto len dom boži a brana nebeska" which in english are the words of Jacob, "this is no other but the house of God, and the gate of heaven. "

And then on the scroll passage, of the other choir angel, in slovak and english, which has the words of God, Whom speaks to Solomon after the dedication of the temple:
For I have chosen and have sanctified this place, that my name may be there forever and my eyes and my heart may remain there perpetually. (II Par. vii. 16)
Holy Trinity is scheduled for a mass of eviction on 13 December 2009 by bishop, Richard (Richie Lenin) Lennon. The very walls cry out against him "Sacrilege."

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  1. Richie Lenin?

    C'mon, the moral high ground is built on compassion, not name calling.