Friday, October 16, 2009

GOP vanguard of apocalyptic vandals

But when one side is completely hysterical, conspiratorial and is leveling baseless attacks, should it be taken seriously? — Max Blumenthal
It is quite obvious, to the world, that the vocal members of the Republican party and their teabagging brigades are mad, not angry but crazy, in a mentally disturbed fashion. They are paranoid and noisy. Two recent books have described this: Max Blumenthal's, Republican Gomorrah, and Frank Schaeffer Jr.'s, Patience with God: Faith for People Who Don't Like Religion (or Atheism).

They write well and detail accordingly. Much has been apparent publicly, they have gone further. Schaeffer's father was an influential 'evangelical' protestant and he was of the insanity of Hal Lindsey, and Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye fictions, and R. J. Rushdoony's, John Hagee's, and James Kennedy's theologies. Schaeffer points out the religious denominator in the madness — endless private, made public and political, interpretations of the Bible's last book, Revelation/Apocalypse. Schaeffer also points out the vileness of loud mouth atheists Hitchens and Dawkins. Schaeffer prefers sensible and sane religious people.

Blumenthal as a journalist followed the political, religious dissemination by revival meeting and radio broadcast. It was he, whom at Wasilla, Alaska viewed the incredible and bizarre church of Palin's. He covers some of the same ground, but is more interested in the purely political machinations of James Dobson, Tony Perkins (not the deceased actor of Psycho), Fox broadcasting, radio mouthfoamers, LaRouchists, gun nuts, survivalists, racists, "christian" dominionists and reconstuctionists.

The public without these cicerones can see this on television news, or in the lunch room. These people feed off of each other, and the pot of crazy becomes both, paradoxically, more cracked and fuller. I posit, personally, that the last good Republican was Lincoln and the last nearly sane one was Nixon (Ford if you insist). Many people thought Goldwater was dangerous and nuts. They, Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt would all be attacked as RINOs if they considered to remain in their party, and it is to be remembered that Teddy did leave. That which came and followed Reagan has been a detriment to the world. The Republican party of to-day is no place for a sane man [nor a moral one].

Now, there is also the position that this anti-rational and anti-sanity movement holds with complete contempt science, history, logic, academia and all the liberal arts. They are a generation of vandal barbarians with legions of insipid, idiot, foot soldiers.

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