Sunday, October 11, 2009

the striving for, and the accolades of, Peace

Jim Lehrer, early on Friday evening, told me Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. This surprised everyone. The norwegians, as representatives of the world, have been issuing a continuing and clarion call condemning the evil policies of bushjr/cheney's Amerika. This is the third stanza: Jimmy Carter, who has been the most formidable former president of the United States, was awarded the prize for his many endeavors, and for his point for point aquinian just war rebuke of bushjr/cheney's war upon Irak; Albert Gore, the man whose presidency was usurped by bushjr/cheney, was awarded the prize; and now the man who decisively secured the election and office of the presidency after bushjr/cheney. Yes, the norwegians have continuously roared against the bushevik régime, and now they are applauding and encouraging the successor to be as contraire to that failed régime as possible.

But, on the day the announcement came, the United States bombed the moon. The United States still has a military occupation in Irak, and is thirsting for an escalation of war in Afghanistan. Obama has made overtures to end nuclear armaments; it must be remembered that only the United States has used those weapons. Obama has talked peace in Palestine; the Israelis are intransigent.

In Gaza, which is a caged ghetto, the Marah Land Zoo has painted two burros with hair dye, so that children could have 'zebras'. Such an act calls to memory a scene from the Little Rascals films of the 30s. The former authentic asses died of starvation during the war. Israel will not allow the importation of such beasts. To smuggle them in would be very extravagantly, and prohibitively dear.

The two cities, which the United states atomically vaporised, Hiroshima and Nagasaki want to host the 2020 Olympics. The mayors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki want to use the sporting events as a springboard for world peace.

Obama has promised the closing of Guantánamo prison; it is still opened. He has called for an end to the torture policies of the former régime; yet he has not prosecuted the criminals. The Department of War is that of the former régime's. Last week, Saturday Night Live made the point, that, Obama has done little to change that of the policies of the former régime. The Wall Street gang still runs the Treasury Department. The orwellian Patriot Act still lives, and so forth...
There are those on the right who are angry. They think that I'm turning this great country into something that resembles the Soviet Union or Nazi Germany, but that's just not the case. But when you look at my record it's very clear what I've done so far and that is nothing. Nada. Almost one year and nothing to show for it. — Fred Armisen as the President on Saturday Night Live
So it is incongruous, that the supporters of that former régime, are calling him such an extremist. And now:

This prize bestowed by the Nobel committee in Norway is given annually to individuals who have made significant contributions to world peace. Jimmy Carter won it for decades of trying to find solutions to international conflicts. Al Gore won it for his years of educating the US about climate change. And us? Well, I won it for not being George Bush. — Fred Armisen as the President on Saturday Night Live
Only the jesters and fools speak the truth, and they have hawk vision. But, some of the rabid supporters of the former régime and opponents to the president are still spiteful. A spokesman for the State Department parried their vitriol, and the world's collective opinion of Obama's predecessor, with this comparison:
Certainly from our standpoint, this gives us a sense of momentum when the United States has accolades tossed its way, rather than shoes. — PJ Crowley
The world wants a better America. It wants a repudiation of bushevism. The world wants Obama to integrate the United States peacefully with the world, and not to be a bellicose, and dangerous, and aggressive empire. It wishes to encourage him, and to tell him that the civilised, and responsible, and sane world is on his side.

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