Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday afternoon at the Cathedral

For several months, between 4 and 6 p.m., every Wednesday there has gathered a group of the church militant before the cathedral. Their cause is to save their parishes from extinction. On occasion, the news media shows up for a few minutes, especially, on a slow news day, or if they think they may have new development, or "an angle"on some story. The most recent "religious story" is the creation of a path of entry for some anglicans. One local television channel wanted a visual background, and a place to meet catholics to speak on married priests concerning this.
This was not the reason for the gathering of the faithful. This aged christian has her placard stating her rationale. Another local channel focused on her.

These 'endangered catholics' wish for the chancery and the public to affirm their rightful and earnest cause. They have regularly and punctually gathered to express their fervent desire. They wish the public, their co-religionists and others to be aware of their dilemma; but ultimately they wish for the bishop, Richard Lennon to rescind his decision for the suppression and extinction of their, and others' parish homes; for a catholic, the religious community and the location of the assembly within the sacred space of the physical locale of that assembly has an emotional and spiritual attachment, that is more significant than the average person realises.

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