Wednesday, September 13, 2017

some fotos Cleveland east side

There is a lot of construction near University Circle. Here is an interesting foto of the Chinese Cultural Garden, which has been imprisoned as a new walkway through campuses is going in. They have recently planted new trees. Previously, the Chinese associations had planted ceremonial trees that were removed for the construction.
Some of that construction runs past the Art Museum, which will soon have a new exhibition.
 Behind the thinking guy, is a party girl flapper with a fiddle.
  Across Euclid Avenue some more construction.
St. Francis is on E.71st & Superior & Myron. The church burned down around 1970, then the church shared quarters in the school building. It began as a German parish. Then Lennon extinguished the parish in 2009. The school is still open, and they have had this message up for a while.

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