Monday, September 25, 2017



You know, you really must know, who disrespects the flag of the United States the most...Donald J Trump. You have heard "one flag, one nation" quotations. Donald Trump has given respect to confederate battle flags, and flags with nazi swastikas. The people who made those flags fought against the United States.

You know, you really must know, who is a divisive liar...Donald J Trump. Trump foments over the anthem/flag, accusing disrespect about the military. The kneeling has nothing to do with that. The kneeling is social protest against police brutality and other abuses inflicted upon the black citizenry of the United States. A protest against unequal treatment. Donald Trump is a racist, and a fascist and he is trying to change the story, manufacturing false propaganda about people making social protest. This profits him by indulging, and having people indulging in hatred towards black Americans. This profits him by distracting the attention of the people, and the news media from the investigation of his crimes and treasons. Every week, sometimes every day, the publicity whore Trump, wants new attention. He is a bully, so that attention comes from attacking someone. The flag is supposed to be a symbol of unity for the people and country that flags belongs to. Trump is using it to make discord, and disunity, and he has no real respect for it in the first place.

Trump (and others) are using the military as an object for worship. Rich and cowardly boy Trump used his family's wealth and position to receive five deferments from the draft. Little Donnie was not going to the military, but that was a family tradition. His grandfather, was refused re-entry to the old country for his evasion of the draft. If Grampapa was allowed back in, Trump would be Germany's problem.

Here is a "fun fact" for you: the football players only began coming out to the field for the anthem in 2009. Later the Department of Defense and the National Guard paid millions of dollars to the NFL for military appearances at games. "The Star-Spangled Banner" did not become the national anthem until 1931. It was sporadically played before, and during games before then. Not until 1942, did it become standard before the start of baseball games; and it was done for the war effort. Really, there is no need for the anthem to be played.

Trump has insulted John McCain for being a prisoner of war. Trump has insulted a gold star family. Trump shows gross disrespect towards military veterans, and their families before a hat can drop to the floor.

Those who agree to criticise the black men who silently protest, you are hypocrites and racists. Is there any social protest that would be acceptable to you? Do you realise the First Amendment allows peaceable protest?  Do you realise, that the United States uses the example of peaceful protest to address concerns as an example of how democracy succeeds? When oaths are taken, they are not taken for the flag, they are taken to protect the Constitution.

How can nazis and white supremacists be "fine people" as Trump declares, and one of their number ran his car into a crowd of people and killed a woman, and men who silently protest be "sons-of-bitches" and be fired? Does Trump realise, or care, that it is illegal for a member of the executive branch to agitate for someone's loss of employment?

Kneeling is a sign of respect. Those of you who may be familiar with Roman Catholicism remember when people knelt at the rail to receive Holy Communion, and to-day there are many who remain kneeling during the distribution of Communion when they are in the pews? People have knelt before royalty, and have been punished if they did not.

—Stanislav Zadnik

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