Sunday, September 17, 2017

Last weekend of summer events

Saturday, we went to see a Berkshire locomotive. I was only vaguely aware of Steam in the Cuyahoga Valley, it was here this weekend, and will be here the next. Engine No. 765 was built in Lima in 1944, and was part of Nickel Plate to 1958. Now, a volunteer group in fort Wayne maintains the engine. As it chugs by, it knocks off leaves and hoots steam. It is something to watch, and hear.
Saturday and Sunday, we went to see the chalk festival at Cleveland Art Museum.
A good portion of the walkways were being changed, and blocked off. Instead of less chalk drawings, there were more. People drew around the lagoon.
We saw this one Saturday, it was the first one we saw. We had parked on Liberty Blvd./MLKJr., and it was near that sidewalk.
The current hit movie is Stephen King's "It", with Pennywise the clown. He was there Saturday.
We saw this on Sunday. A lot of people are terrified by clowns. Captain is not.
Saturday, we went to see Flowers for Maria, in Avon. We have been there before [click], and [click].
This chalking was in the expanded field, Sunday.
In Avon, the Cavaliers championship trophy was there, along with a couple of local pro team mascots.

Saturday we saw this head of a Jersey cow.
Sunday, more cow
This is part of Any Warhol's Marilyns, inside the museum.
Sunday, we saw this by the lagoon.

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