Tuesday, January 15, 2013


 Ohio River traffic
As i noted before, a great number of my fotos before August 2010 were destroyed, and are now lost. Some little was retrieved.  I worked a month from mid-October to mid-November 2008 in Steubenville, and stayed near Wellsville, and Lisbon. For a few days it was quite warm, and the foliage brilliant, and this was followed by a killing frost and everything became brown. For a bit Route 7 follows the Ohio bank, on the other side of the river is West Virginia. Radio stations were from Pittsburgh. A lot of people who came for a little while called Steubenville, 'Stupidville'. Seven fotos were recovered from that trip, five are on this page.
 trailers in a camping ground
 hill between Ohio River and Little Yellow Creek
 on abandoned road there was some masonry debris of demolished buildings

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