Tuesday, January 22, 2013

hands no longer swift

from East 83rd &Carnegie. Cleveland, O.
was there 8 August 2011, is no more power to clock was off
This and several other sign fotos of signs i am posting, others have put on foto sites, and have been snapped by the local papers' photographers. Here, 'Swifty' says it is 7.41, go use a search engine for pictures and see, this subject, photographed by others, and  notice the time. People notice the same things, and the signs were made to attract attention and be read. And they are far, far better, than the gigantic electronic, and blinding screens put up. Current American freedom is defined by giving commercial interests unfettered license to assault the public. At one time, they had some restraint, and some sense of artistic taste. Gaudiness had limits. Some of these, when they disappear will have some regret and nostalgia kick in. The abominations we are confronted with now, if they go, will not be lamented. 

Some will say people have always had these complaints, perhaps true to some degree, but over reaching crap is still over reaching crap; and if they won't police themselves, the public in the form of government, if needs be, should intervene. Now, we are also troubled by pseudo-anarchistic libertarians, whom are only tools of moneyed interests. So many of them have no problem with government's power to engage in war, and intrusive 'security' practices. Kill people thousands of miles away, crack a protestor's head here, spy on your library activity, and pay for all these 'defense' expenditures, but do nothing to hinder the unscrupulous to fleece you. The flow of money from the many to the few must be respected, and facilitated.

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