Thursday, January 17, 2013

photographs of abandoned places #3

 Fifth Church of Christ Scientist. Cleveland, O. 1926.
 signage removed
Do not see too many days for this beautiful ruin left. It has been vacant since 1989. The cornerstone was lain in 1926. 

The members of this sect, Christian Science, must have had members flush with money. At least five monumental buildings in Cleveland proper: First Church of Christ Scientist in 1900 later became Lane Metropolitan Christian Methodist Episcopal (which once was Cleveland's largest Black church, but in recent years has had an embezzling pastor, and a lightning strike; First Church of Christ Scientist built another one above University Circle in 1931, it sold in 2001 and now houses a design firm; Second Church on Euclid Avenue 1916, which is now Pentecostalist; Fourth Church of Christ Scientist on E.105th & Chester 1918, which is now Pentecostalist; and this one is on West 117th & Lake, on the Cleveland side of the Lakewood border. Some of these had replaced a more modest one, the Third was also a modest one and was sold to Pentecostalists. Lakewood's (Doric temple) Christian Science 1922 was sold commercial in 2005, and is vacant and for sale now.

This Fifth Church from 1991 to 2002 it was owned by the neighboring supermarket grocer next door. That site is currently gone, as well as a couple other businesses.  Empty foundational basements are visible, and demolition vehicles are working on the property. A new shopping center is planned.  From 2002, the owner of the church is the City of Cleveland. The city has spent c. $300,000 on the church recently.
The buff sandstone from Birmingham, Erie County, Ohio was cut and set to form a spreading, mottled pattern. Inside, there once was handsome marble, and limestones, and fine woodwork, and quality upholstered chairs.
The stone about the dome and cupola were painted yellow after the closing of the church in 1989. The cupola is open to pigeons. Multi-colored tiles covered the dome, and cupola of a drum walled dome sitting on an octagonal building of sandstone of a handsome building.
postscriptum: building is gone, demolished Octoer 2016

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