Sunday, February 12, 2017

photographs of abandoned places #14

 Cleveland Lake Shore Power Plant
 most of what remains of the original building is the wall facing Erie
  fly ash silo
One hundred years is an age, in America, where a building is way olde. What used to be Cleveland Electrical Illuminating Co., had built a coal burning power plant on the (then) edge of town on the lake shore in 1911. Since then a freeway has been built between. These fotos were taken to-day. The boilers were shut down in April 2015. It had been announced years earlier, that this plant in Cleveland, the ones in Ashtabula, and Eastlake were not going to be upgraded.  This property is 57 acres, and may be valuable.
6800 South Marginal Rd., Cleveland, OH 44103
256 MW (Megawatts)
active 1911-2015
demolition near completion

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