Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bishop sliced

On a Saturday afternoon last month, driving about i went to see if St. Peter Lakewood Episcopal was open, they have interesting stained glass there. I caught the sextant before he left, and he was very talkative and gave me an anniversary book of the parish.

Supra, is a window of William Laud who was archbishop of Canterbury under Charles I, both whom Oliver Cromwell's party thought best to separate their heads from their bodies; such were the Separatists and Puritans in the Church of England. Laud supported scholarship (and suspected of having Catholic leanings in the pre-high church age), the glass shows him holding a parchment scroll and a quill pen; although it looks like he is preparing to slice a sausage.

There are still interesting windows hiding near me. It is always interesting to see new windows, and especially new subjects.

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