Saturday, February 25, 2017

Kurenti take to the street

Kurentovanje to-day on St. Clair.
They were not allowed on the street very long, the short parade allowed traffic one way. It was almost a quick march and the groups were close together, not too many spectators but one still could not catch up with the marchers for another fotoshot. The terminus was the Slovenian National Home which became packed, and the balcony was closed when the crowd came in. The balcony would be the best place to see the people dance, and to take fotos of the celebrating Kurenti.

The Pikachu and the dinosaur are not traditional. I think they were Chinese students from Cleveland  State who usually in Panda costume, and part of the dragon dance team. 
North of Slovenija is Austria. Krampus is also a pre-lenten folkloric character that developed from pagan times.

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