Tuesday, February 14, 2017

no thanksgiving

"It's rigged", was a continual cry of Trump. He threatened not to accept the results if he lost. The election happened, Hillary Clinton received more votes, Trump won. Yes, it was rigged by the electoral college, a non-democratic constitutional creation. Russian computer vandals aided Trump's campaign. The coup de grâce was FBI director James Comey creating a scandal out of nothing directed at Hillary Clinton. There has been no great cry that the Russians were involved. It is reported, that, Trump believed on election night he was to lose.

Trump is a fascist buffoon, a man of malignant narcissism. He must win every point, or becomes unhinged. He wants to be fêted. His people begged for top flight entertainers for his inauguration; they could not even get deep into the country-western types that overlap with his voter base. All they could get was Toby Keith, Lee Greenwood, and a one hit wonder rock band from Mississippi. Then Trump, realising he lost the popular vote by nearly three million, invented a voter fraud scheme which no one has even shown invented evidence.

But he did become president. His cabinet picks are deplorables. Some individuals, such as Pruitt for Environmental Protection are enemies to their assigned realms; Puzder is the anti-thesis of a friend to the working man. Trump's choice for Labor, Puzder, shows an extreme class hatred. Trump's White House advisors are extreme liars, and Bannon is a prominent fascist.

As soon as Trump was ensconced in office, the memory hole became active. Websites were made to hold the new party line. Science was going to be nullified. Resistance did come, and from who? From park rangers. They began alternative government twitter accounts where accurate and truthful statements would be posted, and with this followed parody sites. Parody, and sarcasm were the vehicles to present truth to the public. Trump made twitter a conduit to directly subvert the press, so as to get his version unblocked by probing questions of reality. Twitter (a social electronic media similar to telegraphy) was also available to the public to tweet back.

Part of Trump's anger at the National Parks was that they did not provide propaganda for his inaugural crowd numbers. Trump's crowd was a small fraction of Obama's; and the next day the Washington Women's March exceeded his inaugural, and there were such marches across the US and elsewhere.

I was deeply depressed the day [November 9th] after the election. I had watched the returns the night before. I fully expected a Democratic victory. I had champagne, i would need it anyway. I saw Florida fall, and got worse. It was if i was hit full on in the chest. I was going to post my thoughts then, but couldn't; and then, as the title suggests, a few weeks later, and still could not. I was right when i thought the Republican Party would be split with the teabaggers, but it was not a break. The teabaggers got Trump, and Trump absorbed the rest of the party. Now, i am chastened, the future is not mine to predict.

To-day, General Flynn resigned as National Security Advisor since the evidence is overwhelming he is the third Trumpster (Paul Manafort, Carter Page) compromised by the Russians. Hillary Clinton was right again, Trump is Putin's puppet. Gerald Ford once said, "An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be". Dan Rather, to-day, likened the current news having similarity to Watergate. 

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