Sunday, February 2, 2014

Guest Submission XVI: Weather Forecasting Mammals

Concord Casimir takes over for Concord Abby and makes his Annual Forecast in Lake County
John Niedzialek with Concord Casimir at his debut forecast on Feb. 2, 2014

   You have waited all season for this, spoke Master of Ceremonies John Niedzialek of Concord. It’s official, winter will not be ending anytime soon. Today, Concord Casimir took over the duties from Concord Abby at the annual weather forecasting event at Ellison Creek Knob in Concord, Ohio.  Casimir did not see his shadow on this snowy morning meaning we are in store for many more weeks of winter. “Contrary to popular myth spread by a burrowing animal in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, the sun’s shadow of such a beast is not a very accurate predictor of weather.  They have had it all backwards over there in Pennsylvania, and their record shows it. No shadow means a long winter around here, not a short one”, declared Niedzialek. 

   Concord Abby had been flawless on her predictions over the years but, because of a few hecklers out there, Abigail decided to play a little trick on all of you last year and gave an erroneous forecast as a retirement going away present to the public. “Cats have feelings too you know, and Abigail just had enough of the negative fan mail”, said Niedzialek. As you can see in the photo below, Abigail has since retired with a big smile on her face knowing she got the last laugh.

   The good news is that Concord Casimir has picked up the duties with great enthusiasm. Casimir knows he has big paws to fill after Abby’s great record. Just last night, he was pacing the window sills of the house in nervous anticipation of today’s event. Casimir was found abandoned as a kitten on the footsteps of St. Casimir Catholic Polish Church on Cleveland’s east side last summer, at what many are now calling “Cleveland’s Miraculous Polish Church.”  Against all odds, St. Casimir’s church reopened on July 15, 2012. “According to my veterinarians best estimate, Casimir was born exactly one year later on July 15. With such divine intervention, how could anyone possibly doubt this cat”, reported Niedzialek.

   Admittedly, Casimir was a bit nervous about his debut this morning. However, a little sour cream from some left-over pierogi did the trick in enticing the Polish Prince of felines to come out this morning.
John Niedzialek with a retired Concord Abby
  -by John Niedzialek

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