Wednesday, February 12, 2014

is Lincoln your Valentine?

This is not money, it is chocolate gelt.  The mint mark is 1949 M (fictive), and pennies were wheat backs from 1909 to 1958. To-day, is Lincoln's birthday. Lincoln was the most impressive Republican their party has had. This is the north, we are free to celebrate him and his day.
 on the way to a chocolate shop
The marketing for this business is brilliant. The television news channels in Cleveland, maybe all four, will come here and give free publicity disguised as news. Supra, is their side lot. The little pink booths will have people selling chocolate dipped strawberries (and maybe other chocolate novelties) on Saint Valentine's Day. The traffic cones are waiting, and they will probably have police directing traffic. And here is another factoid of interest, the neighboring businesses form a red-light district (supposedly cleaned up). Aren't a couple of the strippers named Coco, and Sugar?

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