Monday, February 3, 2014

Buffalo Mass Mob, why not Cleveland and elsewhere?

Sometimes clever and elegant ideas work. A 'flash mob' is a mass of people who simultaneously gather at some place in surprise. Some beautiful ones are when people appear in a public square, or shopping center, and break out in an artistic performance; although non-beautiful ones also occur. Some people in Buffalo New York were successful in having a mass of people show up for Mass in an old beautiful church. The use of social media communication entities greatly aid in this. Using this to re-evangelise those that have drifted away from church is worth more than a couple of tries in one city. Buffalo is voting [starting Feb. 10 see: click] for the third Mass mob for 23 March.
 BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) -- You've heard of flash mobs? Behold the Mass mob. [click]

Playing off the idea of using social media to summon crowds for parties or mischief, mobs of Buffalo-area Roman Catholics have been filling pews and lifting spirits at some of the city's original, now often sparsely attended, churches.

It works this way: On a given Sunday, participants attend Mass en masse at a church they've picked in an online vote and promoted through Facebook and Twitter. Visitors experience the architecture, heritage and spirit of the aging houses of worship and the churches once again see the numbers they were built for, ...

Buffalo, A City of Churches

Did you ever wonder how you can help make a difference at some of Buffalo’s incredible historic and heritage churches? Buffalo Mass Mob has an easy answer!...

St. Adalbert [click]
Our Lady of Perpetual Help [click]
next Buffalo church? [click]

...the five churches who will potentially host Buffalo Mass Mob III on March 23, 2014: Holy Angels (West Side), Saint Anthony’s (Downtown), St. John Kanty Church (East Side Polonia), Saint Clare’s (The Valley) and St. Casimir Church (Kaisertown)...
Postscriptum 4.00 p.m. 5 February:  a new web journal has been created:
Cleveland Mass Mob [click]
Postscriptum mid May: o, we do have one in Cleveland, now, and the 'social media' vehicle of choice is:

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