Sunday, February 9, 2014

Good news arrives in Buffalo from Rome

Good news arrives in Buffalo from Rome.

Good news, the 'winds of change' had already began turning with the Allentown decrees, the Cleveland decrees were unequivocally for the parishioners, and clearly, and repeatedly highlighted episcopal error in form and substance of canon law. And now, the Holy Spirit has blessed us (in the person of Francis) with an anti-clericalist pope. The People of God will be better served by the officialdom of their Church. The bishops of the United States will not be allowed to tread so deeply upon the Faithful. They will have to learn to be circumspect in the exercise of their office. They may have to learn the difference between 'proper authority' and absolute authority. An issue, here, being addressed is the what is the basic unit of Christian community life? Is it the parish, which Jesus instituted and was described by the Evangelist (and Apostle) Matthew (xviii. 20) "For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them", or the diocese?, which was an imperial governmental territorial unit of the Roman Empire.

quoting from the article:
"So why have hundreds, if not thousands, of Catholic churches, including several dozen in Western New York, been allowed to close during the past few decades? Simply put, it’s because bishops were not challenged on their decisions, and if they were, the people making the challenges did not follow procedural requirements as spelled out in canon law."

People finally started to refuse being 'buffaloed' by bishops, and their appeasers, and lackeys. Those people knowing what was right, and calling on their ancient rights began winning in curial courts. The sad, sad matter is how much damage, and harm these bishops have done. And this is doubly large locally, for Cleveland's tyrant was an extreme exemplar of such bishops. The division he, and they have wrought; and how many people went along with their programmes? And how badly did they treat those that were right—all along.

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