Saturday, January 4, 2014

polar vortex. damn, it's cold outside

 and not much color, just light and dark
11 December 2013
3 January 2014, i don't want to go outside

Resolution: Not to freeze to death.

It is damn cold, we will be having next week, the coldest air in twenty years. I remember working outside (after the election of 2000) at 15°F across the street from Lake Erie, and that cold was not bothersome; i just became sleepy, when i entered a warm room. We had a week in January 1994 that had daily lows of -4°F (15th), -10°F (16th), +4°F (17th), -14°F (18th), -20°F [19th (high of -3)], -9°F (20th & 21st). I worked in the cold then, i had to buy more clothes. When it is that cold, one just wants to get warm. During that stretch of below zero, i went to use a 'porta-potty'. When it is cold, the urgency increases. Well, i know it wasn't on the 19th. I worked every day, except that one, it was forecast to be the coldest day in the history of the town, and i was damned sure not to be working in it. People thought the car could not make it. For fifty dollars gross, it was too stupid. Well, immediately i was blinded by my own piss fog, i had not known such a thing existed. Yeah, when it is that cold nature is trying to kill you. O, to be a bum in that is dangerous.

I have notes, made many notes, lost some, can't find others, and don't feel like looking for them. This is my 900th posting on this site, well almost. I had some temporary notices, that were taken down, when i felt those that needed to read it did, and they were time sensitive, and expired. I had a few guest postings. Well, resolutions. There is some game 'journalists' play. They need a topic, even when there is not one, so they fall back onto the calendar; and in the New Year, there is this psychological opportunity to make a new start, a new life. Many resolutions are health regimen, and "self-improvement". It is always a good time to stop smoking, and not easy. Well gyms make money, people buy memberships, and not use them$$. For those in the ancient Christian traditions, Lent is the time to search the soul, and resolve to become better; but we are still in the festival season of Christmas, and then there is the carnival pre-Lenten season.

I am not comfortable in revealing too much about myself. I enjoy privacy, and think some people have psychological problems who insist on delving into too much damn confession. On youtube there are 'vlogs', video-weblogs. Some are entertaining, a few are informative, and some are confessional. These latter vary in degree and type, some are poignant, some are light-hearted, some are self-promoting, some are repulsive. I do not think i could do one like that. If i had musical talent, and confidence, i could see doing a series. If i had a lecture contract, sure.  Well Anna Akana has done one recently. I swear, i would be absolutely smitten with this girl if she were in my circle. She has a joy of living, and a depth of thought—very rare together, and she is delightfully pretty. Such a person, you could forgive everything. She makes the great point—no to resolutions such as above, but yes to one of those things you would love to do, and have not (an item from the "bucket list").

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