Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cleveland lake and west 2014

Welcome to Cleveland in the year of Our Lord 2014. Some one is sharp in the Cleveland Metroparks. A very well done and easy to explain ice sculpture, keep it till it melts, and that would be a while. The snowman, i thought was beach sand is styrofoam. This is feet away from Edgewater Beach.
The viewing, fishing pier closed and bearded with icicles.  
Yards, further out eastward there sat a snowy owl. He was a spot on the ice, not everyone with a camera noticed. Sometimes, it helps to be sociable. A woman had a spotting scope against the building and had it set on him. Another woman was about to set a bigger one up, and she was pleased to hear. She had come from Hopkins Aeroport, and there were none there to-day, but the other day she saw eight. She was happy, seemingly more so to get to see this one. I saw without glasses his presence out on the ice; with weak binoculars 42x, i saw his outline; on the first woman's scope i saw him well. She was unfamiliar with the town, she had lived one time at Sharon Center, and now further away. These snowy owls are far more popular than Thibodeaux the Pelican. People are happy to view the owl, and passerbys are surprised and happy too. The owl has a mixed folklore, some see him as an ill omen; while the pelican's folklore is near divine.

Yesterday, a report of flocks of thousands of the usual gulls, and a few celebrities was made in the area; in addition scaup, common merganser, and golden eye ducks. I saw to-day two mallards and three other ducks too fuzzy to see on the ice. I saw one balled up pied grebe. The gulls, especially the ring bills were too numerous to count. After driving away, a small flock of duck was airborne. In the parking lot by the sewage plant/boat launch there was a half dozen spent shotgun cartridges.

 I thought this young woman said Charley was a briard.
  There were other women carrying their dogs about. Besides birds, i am partial to young women and big dogs.

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