Sunday, January 12, 2014

juvenile black legged kittiwake

Just before Mass, i found this arctic oceanic gull. He was pleasing a small throng of the birder public. This is one of the few birds that are most impressive as juveniles. There is a coal burning electrical generation (power) plant on the interstate in Cleveland between the E.55 and E.72 exits. There is warm waste water coming from the plant.
In the, now, Metropark lot there were cars with birding stickers. One family came up from Akron to see this celebrity. A Minnesota, and a North Carolina plated cars were in the lot. People will drive a distance to see one modest bird. In the local birding news this avian visitor was noted for his nonchalance and photogenic qualities.
The adult has a yellow bill and is whiter. This one was quiet, if one would hear him, he announces his name.

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