Friday, January 17, 2014

Another trial, another reprieve

From Caiaphas to Pilate and back again...
In a tumultuous few afternoon hours, one of the many police agencies (ICE--immigration) of the federal government terrorised, played with, and spat out a family. Only very instant and intense concerted action by friends, a legal eagle, and a public informed by the press prevented a tragedy.
ICE (immigration and customs enforcement within the dept. of Homeland Security) demanded Ricardo Ramos to appear in Cleveland's Federal Bldg. by 3 o'clock for immediate processing for deportation. Friends and supporters, led by Veronica Dahlberg, came to the most impromptu of rallies across the street from that building, near the Free Stamp sculpture on East Ninth and Lakeside. At 2.30, Ms. Dahlberg gave background to several press mediums on the situation. She spoke of the Ramos family, and the government. The figures for 2013's deportations were recently released, of the over 300 thousand, over 80% were of Mexicans and Guatemalans. This is far more than proportional. Why has the government gone after these particular nationals? The government is not concentrating its efforts on criminals, terrorists, and that sort. They are going after those people who are doing the most humble of jobs, for depressed wages. These undocumented foreign nationals, immigrants, gather the nation's food, and often prepare it. They labor so others can eat.

Yesterday, a stay of appeal was pending. Late this morning deportation was ordered. Mr. Ramos gathered his children from school, and friends accompanied him downtown. It looked as the only thing that mitigated was the weather, for a handful of minutes a brilliant backlighting shone upon the people, and no hawk wind off the lake blew on them. Later during the conference a falcon flew over. Later still, when people were to go home, a flurry of snow hit.

Friends carried signs, including those imploring Congressional Representative Marcia Fudge (D) to keep a promise for help. Representative Marcy Kaptur (D), and David Joyce (R) have intervened on the family's behalf. Mr. Joyce's staff received grief and negative feedback from his erstwhile supporters. But, this is an action of the executive branch of government; they have the option of leniency; they have instead been most capricious, and often dismissively insulting, and hard hitting. If not for so much intervention by others, Ricardo Ramos would be long gone.

Then while the growing group of eighty individuals, many whom left work in Lorain, Painesville, and Akron to be there and wait for the the witching hour to tick off, David Leopold [center] came with the news of the new reprieve. He spoke for a quick couple of minutes to Ms. Dahlberg and Mr. Ramos, and told them of the latest peril averted. He then spoke to the press.
Immigration counsel, David Leopold explains that an Immigration reform bill is moving through the United States Senate. Its provisions would cover Ricardo Ramos's case. "It would be patently unfair for the government to remove Mr. Ramos at this time".
Ricardo Ramos spoke softly, while a noisy bus passed by. His emotional whirlwind affected him toward tears. His family has been tossed to and fro by a capricious prosecution.
 Michelle turned twelve yesterday, she was asked how was this birthday present.

 This is a warm, united, and loving family in danger of needless disruption.

And after the press left, they prayed in a language that God recognised. Many would attend Mass at Saint Casimir Sunday, and retrieve a statue of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe they brought with them at the end of a twenty mile peregrinación.
addenda, Saturday 18 January: perhaps, in astronomy the word is conjunction

Yesterday, the thought occurred to me, while outside next to the Free Stamp of proximity and involvement. I was there with the press, and the friends and family of Ricardo Ramos. East Ninth and Lakeside is interesting. Across the street is the Federal Building, a 32 storey piece of Bauhaus Brutalism, with scaffolding and barricades, almost to resemble some alien bunker outpost from a science-fiction space flick. Across the street is a building with a sign "Jones, Day", which i hear, is the largest and most powerful law firm in the Middle West. I have heard they are, or were, the legal counsel of choice for the diocese.

I was wearing an oversize sweat jacket with Notre Dame letters and colors. Some of the campesinos from Lorain held a bandera with Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. One of the reporters mentioned to me, that the cathedral/chancery was very near by. Where was their representative?

To-morrow, there is to be an Immigrant's Mass at the Irish cathedral (Saint Colman's) with episcopal participation. Perhaps some notice can be given to these illustrious personages.

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