Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Slovene St. Clair

Much of the city is in rough shape. To generate interest, a number of things have been tried. Now, there is a push to showcase global ethnic/national culture which had been frowned on by the local powers that had been. Since they [the powers] offer nothing, the old culture of the people's heritage is worth a try.
 There is a Chinese zodiac snake in Slovene graphic style.
New banners are up on a stretch of St. Clair Cleveland between E. 55st & E. 72nd, the old Slovene section, which had bordered Croat, Polish, and Lithuanian neighborhoods. None of these are much intact. Now after the generation of internal migration originating from beyond the Ohio, and further economic and social turmoil the generation after, have transformed a tough area to a grubby one.
copied the style of XIXth century apiary panel folk art
 some are comic, some religious, some irreligious
Carnival season Kurant costume
Perhaps, the oldest settled town in Slovenija is Ptuj. In 1960, a modern organised Shrovetide festival/carnival began, Kurentovanje. Cultural anthropologists suggest these characters are vestiges of pagan gods, turned into laughable and scary buffoonish demons. Cleveland had its first Kurentovanje this year (23 Feb), although they advertised as a 'winter' festival.

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