Wednesday, May 29, 2013

another Catholic war memorial

In to-day's Cleveland Plain Dealer appeared the following letter to the editor:

This past Memorial Day weekend was a testimony to the great lengths that American citizens will go to in order to recover and honor their fallen.

There is another story that requires attention and action: After World War II, a "Sacred Heart of Jesus War Memorial" was dedicated to honor the fallen veterans from Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Cleveland. That monument stood at the church for more than 65 years until the church was closed in 2010. Today, we have a desecrated memorial. The caretaker of the Sacred Heart of Jesus monument sold the statue portion and is presenting the base section as the monument. Both the seller and buyer were aware that the monument included a statue and base.

Please, Catholic pastors, original Corpus Christi Church members and their beloved, the Rev. Anthony B. Orlemanski, our founding pastor, would have required the base and statue to be united as intended and as they endured for 65-plus years.

It is the duty and obligation of every American citizen to honor and respect war memorials as they were intended.

Eleanore Slys North Olmsted

To illustrate her letter:

the entire monument at Corpus Christi Cleveland 4/19/2010, two days after the Mass of Eviction
Figure of Jesus and his Sacred Heart in front of the parish school of St. Gregory South Euclid.
Lennon renamed the parish, Sacred Heart. Foto 1/1/2012.
Very recently (fotos May 4 2013), Our Lady of Good Counsel installed the dedicatory plinth. Lennon 'merged' Corpus Christi into OLGC as Mary Queen of Peace. Both parishes were on Pearl Road Cleveland. One must remember there is now a history of how Lennon has dealt with parish monuments, and mementos mori.

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