Friday, May 17, 2013

line ups

There was a line for those without tickets at St. Colman. The Cleveland Orchestra played on the west side. The crowd was enthusiastic, the musicians were at their usual level of professional ability. They want to perform at home. They played, without an intermission, five orchestral favorites in just over an hour. They flew in with the Hebrides (Fingal's Cave) by Mendelssohn. Many people realised this parish was heroically saved from destruction, and a celebratory air was evident. The concert was filmed and recorded for television (5/24 wviz) and radio (6/16 wclv). The orchestra wants public exposure to the non bourgeoisie, and St. Colman's is very active and interested in the neighborhood.
 a dozen in the family
Cleveland public art project - year of the snake E.30th 
last year, dragons; next year, horses 
sorry, i have met too many snakes to be enthusiastic this year 

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