Tuesday, March 26, 2013

St. Wendelin wants parishioners

This is sort of like evangelisation by promotion, a large electronic postcard of invitation. On an electronic billboard, that cycles through several sponsors/advertisers every fifth picture (or so) is one for Saint Wendelin Cleveland. They are open and want to grow again.

Cleveland's bishop, Richard Lennon, was required by Rome to re-open eleven of the parishes he wrongly and unjustly closed. Between the Mass of Eviction and the Mass of Homecoming, parishioners were lost. Some people who had lived by the church moved because they did not have a church close by. Some became familiarised to new congregations, and the diocese did not encourage anyone to return, and that should be noted in comparison to how people were coaxed to accept the disappearance of their parish. Some people left the Catholic Church, and some left all churches.

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