Sunday, July 22, 2012

Open the doors

queuing for entry
another view of the queue
knock, knock, knocking
Open the doors so that the people of God may worship the God of heaven and earth!
Otworzcie sie bramy aby wsedł Król chwaly!
(Open the doors of the gate to the King of glory!)

Before the Homecoming Mass began, a part of the congregation gathered for a procession with gonfalones and flags. Mass was last said in St. Barbara's on Mother's Day 2009. That was also the last day for Fr. Joseph Hilinski's former parish, Our Lady of Mercy. That May morning, Richard Lennon evicted both parishes; but Barbara's petitioned the Holy See.

Saint Barbara has been not available to the faithful since. So, as the formal reuse begins, it begins with the new pastor knocking in a series of three, three times for entry to the church; so much a beautiful, yet simple and earnest a ceremony; far unlike the Lennonist Evictions.

To-day, three parishes are having Homecoming Masses. The other two are: St. Mary in Bedford, and St. Patrick in West Park.

Folding chairs were added in the center aisle, as people stood about the perimeters and in the choir loft. Last week 12-13 hundred came to Casimir, here at Barbara's about half that tally, a good six hundred.
The First Scripture Reading 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Woe to the pastors, that destroy and tear the sheep of my pasture, saith the Lord. Therefore thus saith the Lord the God of Israel to the pastors that feed my people: You have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold I will visit upon you for the evil of your doings, saith the Lord. And I will gather together the remnant of my flock, out of all the lands into which I have cast them out: and I will make them return to their own fields, and they shall increase and be multiplied. And I will set up pastors over them, and they shall feed them: they shall fear no more, and they shall not be dismayed: and none shall be wanting of their number, saith the Lord.
Behold the days come, saith the Lord, and I will raise up to David a just branch: and a king shall reign, and shall be wise, and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth. In those days shall Juda be saved, and Israel shall dwell confidently: and this is the name that they shall call him: the Lord our just one.

— Jeremias xxiii. 1-6. DRC

Woe to the shepherds who mislead and scatter the flock of my pasture, says the LORD. Therefore, thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, against the shepherds who shepherd my people: You have scattered my sheep and driven them away. You have not cared for them, but I will take care to punish your evil deeds. I myself will gather the remnant of my flock from all the lands to which I have driven them and bring them back to their meadow; there they shall increase and multiply. I will appoint shepherds for them who will shepherd them so that they need no longer fear and tremble; and none shall be missing, says the LORD.
Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD, when I will raise up a righteous shoot to David; as king he shall reign and govern wisely, he shall do what is just and right in the land. In his days Judah shall be saved, Israel shall dwell in security. This is the name they give him: "The LORD our justice."
— Jeremiah 23. 1-6. NAB
Father Joseph Hilinski did not comment on the apt, timely, and descriptive reading from the Prophet. The Bishop is out of town. Hilinski spoke of being a Catholic, a Pole, a Christian neighbor. He recounted a short history of the parish, which he was baptised in, and then spoke of his boyhood St. Patrick West Park (which was having the same Mass there). He spoke positively of the Barbara parishioners, and supporters that sought to have their parish and acting as shepherds by default. He gave the good news that a Polish language Liturgy would be said by Fr. Andrzej Knapik, from Immaculate Heart of Mary, Sundays at 11.30 a.m.. Twice rounds of applause broke out during Hilinski's maiden homily at Barbara's, again this is not common at a Mass.
one small lively family during Mass
the Knights of Columbus enjoy processions, they gather in the narthex during Communion

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