Monday, July 2, 2012

Editorial on parish re-openings

Some parishes will be available again for universal worship about Akron, and Cleveland. Bishop Richard Lennon authored for all of those parishes to be extinguished. One should never forget that. Many petitioned Rome, again, and again, and once more. Rome took time. Rome finally acted on the behalf of the People of God. Rome said, Richard was wrong from beginning to end. Rome said, "Full restoration". Rome, privately, asked him to leave.

Remember how punctual he was in following his closing schedule. Once set, it was never slackened, he pushed it forward. St. Vitus Lorain, and SS. Cyril & Methodius Lorain were expedited before their due date.

Now, Richard Lennon publicly announced a list of closures 14 March 2009. Those set of closures began 26 April 2009 (43 days). This opening process is very slow. The public knew of the reversal of closures on 7 March 2012. Richard Lennon acknowledged receipt of the decrees 14 March 2012. The first two churches will be open 15 July (123 days after acknowledgment). Why does Lennon have two different speeds? People want their churches opened; Rome wants the churches opened; Richard Lennon, not so much. He has dictated the terms. Richard decides on whom he will speak to. Richard chooses to recognise only particular members of a parish. He silences those whom point out discrepancies, and say what he does not wish to hear. He is not fulfilling the mandates.

He is co-ordinating a propaganda campaign. 'Good news' is released in driblets. He had his official liar, Tayek, on television, performing in slimy salesman smile mode, at Saint Barbara's trying to convince the public how gracious and thoughtful the diocese was in protecting every article of the church. That was the first allowable glimpse of a shuttered church. The television showed a few laborers cleaning, dusting, and mopping. Was this not done every week when the church was open to its people, by its people?

Lennon continues to employ intimidation. His, otherwise invisible, chancellor Sullivan passed an unveiled threat to, at least, the parish of Saint Patrick West Park, that, any bad publicity they generated to the press 'would hurt their cause'. This is not an iron fist in a velvet glove, this is using a catspaw to slap hot coals.

No one needs to be scared of Richard. Rome knows him now, and he is not a favorite. Lennon will bluff, do not fear him. Richard threatened Fr. Marrone of St. Peter's. Marrone spoke to the press, and Lennon backed down from the threat he issued him.

All the parishes have the right to have the canonical decision fulfilled. A request, can be made to Rome, for someone else to mediate, or guarantee the arrangements for the homecomings and restorations, if Richard does not come through. Rome did NOT say, "Ehi, Riccardo fare quello che vuoi (Hey, Richard do what you wish)". Rome wrote with the strongest politic language available.

America sang, "But Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't, didn't already have". Remember, Richard Lennon similarly gives nothing. He has taken much away. The 'Peace and Unity' he speaks of will only come with the end of lennonism.

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