Sunday, July 29, 2012

notes on other parishes

parishioners begin to congregate
the prayer circle is complete, save for the cameraman who steps back to take a shot
It is a testament to resilience and faith that people come every week outside of their church and share their company with each other. This is a Christian community. It is important for people to recognise this witness, the constancy.

Cleveland had five parishes meeting regularly in their very near, but very real, exile. Now, only St. Emeric stands in exile. We know who put them there. Unfortunately, he has a special venom reserved for this people, and any ethnic suggestion. Lennon wants a cultural ethnic cleansing to be complete.

Someday, perhaps soon, they can freely meet inside. One day they will be having their last prayer circle. Never should anyone disregard, or disrespect this genuine Christian activity and constancy as a parish.


Defenders of lennonism, and naysayers to the parishioners immediately crack with a comment on the huge turnout, the standing room crowds of the Homecoming Masses, that next week there will be a tiny turnout. First, it is a mean spirited remark. Second, it has been proven false. To defend Lennon, one must sin against the truth. Casimir had significantly more than an thousand the first week. The second week they had a few hundred, the third week they improved on that number. James had 1500 Wednesday, and 800 Sunday. These are higher figures than that of St. John Cathedral.


St. James had their Homecoming mid-week on their patronal feast (25 July). St. James is the most monetary valuable building in the entire diocese of Cleveland. There has been persistent rumours, that it was on the market to be sold to Moslems. The Church of James the Moor Slayer, filled with painted murals would have retained its stone work, and geometry. The murals could have been destroyed or covered over. Lakewood would have its own Hagia Sofia, or perhaps not, Lakewood passed an architectural landmark ordinance.

Their new priest was applauded as he climbed a held ladder and lit the tabernacle's lamp. People noticed that the vigilers were not a part of his circle, nor was much or any input from the Jacobites (St. James' parishioners) asked for, or accepted. Fr. Workman made sure to praise Richard Lennon in his remarks during Mass. A parish is the community of believers in it, it is not a priest and his bishop (or vice versa). The
Jacobites are in for a bumpy ride.


Some of the open churches have noticed their more portable items are missing. Lennon's business partner and sales agent, Henninger's, supposedly, extensively catalogued items. Vestments, altar linens, Eucharistic vessels, candlesticks are missing. Some people, and pastors are very timid, reluctant, or disinterested in following through for information, and property. In some cases inferior items were substituted. How much time was there from removal from the premises until the open, return, restore order by Rome?


Well, there have been other services conducted outside the spotlight, in almost sub rosa atmosphere. Some people are akin to fearful mice. Lennon would not like it, but the Church allows popular, spontaneous worship and activity.


A parishioner of Holy Trinity Lorain finally received notice from the Congregation for the Clergy, that the parish's appeal did not come in time. They suffered a purposeful delay in gathering information thought to have been necessary to submit.
revised: noon 31 July

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