Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two dogs

I was at St. Stanislaus Cleveland. It was the farewell Mass for the Franciscans. Assumption BVM Province of Franklin Wisconsin was leaving. Their Provincial Vicar, Fr. James Gannon presided over Liturgy. There was no mention of Lennon's name. They were the second province of Franciscans that served that community. The first came more than an hundred years ago. Supposedly, in the mouths of some, there is a dearth of clergy in Catholic Cleveland. In the last handful of years, more and more non-diocesan clergy have left [or made to leave] Cleveland, and there has been no concurrent welcoming of others.
I have photographed this stained glass window before. It is not a sparse scene. There are many figures, and details. There are two dogs in the lower right of the cartouche. The grey talbot is in the hunt. The brown hound is in consideration. He seems either a witness, or a judge. A dog is the symbol for fidelity. A most ancient, traditional name for him is 'Fido'.

When you are talking about art, you are talking about God indirectly; all experience of art is an indirect experience of God. — Sister Wendy Beckett

I remember [and i may change/add text] watching Sister Wendy commenting on a master painting. Some unpleasant activity was depicted. She made a comment, that, the dog was uncomfortable to be a part of the group. In other paintings there is often a dog as a companion to a troubled figure.

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