Sunday, June 24, 2012

Appraising presidential candidates

In the United States there are different standards of gauging Democrats and Republicans, and it is not the humbug of Fox. Romney is a Mormon. First of all, Mormonism is a fraud; it is the Scientology of the XIXth century. It is secretive and deceptive. It claims to be a "Christian" religion; it is not. Its founder, Joseph Smith, was a professional conman. A necessary precedent of the Mormon belief system is Freemasonry. The magic underwear, that the Mormons call the temple garment, has a square over one nipple,  a compass over the other, and a level over the navel (that is not an unique borrowing from the Craft).
Now, one cannot blame one for being born into a religion. Romney was both a foreign missionary (in France, which helped him avoid Viet Nam; John Kerry was ridiculed for speaking French, and mocked for being a decorated Viet Nam veteran), and a Mormon bishop (which is not the same as the Christian office), and a stake president (a higher office). Romney is very reticent in speaking on any Mormon issue in public. Catholic Kerry was critiqued for not publicly speaking of his religion. His religion is not secret and deceptive. Catholic theology is open, and fully academic, and viewable (of course practice and administration is another matter). His opponent, gwbjr, was often referred to as a "Christian", in part to suggest that Kerry was not.

Mormons are taught not to answer direct questions on their beliefs, rather to "answer the question that should have been asked". Now, both gwbjr and Romney are liars. The former had no respect for the truth, but on occasion his heavy handed clumsiness showed through in the mendacity. Romney lies* (and prodigiously flip flops, something Kerry was accused of) with nonchalance.

Jeremiah Wright was Pastor Emeritus of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. He retired in early 2008. Barack Obama was a member of his congregation. Obama was married in his church, and his children baptised in that church. The United Church of Christ is a Calvinist Protestant church. It was the church of colonial Massachusetts. ABC news reviewed Wright's sermons in March 2008. There soon was a firestorm from the mouthfoamers on radio and television. Obama was criticised for belonging to Wright's church. Now, some of those same mouthfoamers, and their devoted idiot listeners, say Obama is a Moslem. Yes, Republicans rely heavily on public amnesia, and the double standard.

*"I'm Wolf Blitzer and yes, that's my real name." —CNN's Wolf Blitzer
"I'm Mitt Romney—and yes Wolf, that's also my first name." —
Willard Mitt Romney

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