Monday, June 25, 2012

Merrily Mocking Mitt

David Letterman understands politics. It is a jester's job to deflate falsity. When Romney was running for President in 2008, David for several nights gave this sort of patter:
"He looks like the photo that comes with the frame … He looks like a tennis pro at a restricted country club.... He looks like the guy who tells you how to buy real estate with no money down ... He looks like the owner of the steakhouse who keeps interrupting dinner to find out how things are going … He looks like an American President in a Canadian movie ... He looks like the guy on the 'Just For Men' bottle ... Mitt looks like a guy who goes to the restroom when the check comes ... He looks like a guy who would run a seminar on condo flipping … He looks like he is the closer at a Cadillac dealership.... He looks like that guy on the golf course in the Levitra commercial."
And the audience knew it was all true. Now, Letterman realises the dog on the roof character flaw. David will repeat.

Another thing Letterman does is ask his audience how many would vote for Romney, not much applause. At one time he asked about Obama, it was significantly louder. He has stopped. Letterman learned this survey the audience from Carson. It correlates well. On some level, we all know Romney is just not likable. His Republican opponents in '08, and this year, also did not like him. I see cars with McCain stickers on them, surprisingly there are idiots driving about with w stickers; you would think Republicans would be able to afford new vehicles in eight years. I have not seen one with a Romney sticker yet. No surprise, Romney's campaign stops have brought out underwhelming crowds.
Mittens should easily lose. He can only snatch 'victory' through voter suppression, and vote count tampering; both of which are Republican hole cards. He will have a money advantage (when including the Chamber of Congress, Kochs, Armey, Rove and other sources); but unless it is not multiple times more, it should not matter.

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