Wednesday, May 9, 2012

price of gasoline

noon hour 9 May 2012, West 14th, Cleveland, Ohio.
Politicians, and politically motivated interest groups are not paragons of truth. There are distinctions to be made for frequency, and degree of falsity. To say they are all the same is not true. To be a Republican is faith based for many, for if one thought and looked at reality, one could only be a Republican for unscrupulous reasons.

One campaign series of political advertisements was attacking President Obama for higher gasoline prices ($5+). The creators of Republican thoughts, and lies [Norquist, Armey, Gingrich, Rove; and their bankrolls: Koch Bros., oil companies, Chamber of Commerce] trot out inventions and see if they stick.

When Obama ran for president, last time, price exceeded $4. in many places. I photographed a sign at the time of shysters' four dollars -- $3.99 9/10 (i can't find that foto now). What was interesting, the oil man, gwbjr was asked at a press conference, in early 2008, what of $4. a gallon gasoline. He was astonished. I might say 'dumbfounded', but with him that is doubly redundant.

Now, there has been report, after report that the US has its largest oil supply in over twenty years, and the price has been driven up by speculation (greed). Oil companies, including British Petroleum (the one with the environmental disastrous oil spills), have banner surplus of profits, quarter after quarter, and year after year.

Now, the price has stopped rising, and has dropped a bit. Those commercials are not running. No problem, another campaign of black propaganda, and mendacity is always ready.

Early this week [Monday 7 May], Mittens Romney was in Euclid, Ohio. He went to a stamping plant of automobile parts to 'campaign'. The owner of the plant (Stamco Industries) complained of the anti-business tenor of the President. Yes, his candidate [Romney] wrote an editorial for the New York Times, entitled Let Detroit Go Bankrupt. The faith based [duplicitous, and double standard hypocrite] Republican owner does not want to admit, that if it were not for Obama's policies, he would be out of business. The faith based Republican owner does not want to admit that if his candidate [Romney] was listened to, he would be out of business.

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