Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cleveland's very near east side

Cleveland is a dingy city in many respects. That does not stop shilling, and boosterism. That babbitry goes toward the gaudy, and that which makes quick money for the rich, and corporate, moneyed interests. But, there are many interesting things to see that are not so billowed on the breath of businesses' bombast. A short drive of a few blocks, or a circle of a mile and there are things to appreciate.
On East 40th, near St. Clair (the general, and governor) Avenue, there is the Croat parish church of Saint Paul. A parishioner, Josip Turkalj, was a sculptor. His statue of St. Paul holds the traditional iconography of sword and book. This is one of the few ethnic churches, Richard Lennon did not close and sell off.
This graffito remains on the corner of East 40th and Payne, Cleveland, O.
On Chester and E. 24th, at the on ramp to the innerbelt freeway going west, a miniature power plant operates disguised as a water tower. It generates power at low wind speed. The cylindrical tower is not part of the generation. It serves other purposes: public art, signage and advertising, and modeling as an existing object that can be the frame of the turbines (here, the spoked wheels). It has been there about three years. Majid Rashidi, a professor of mechanical engineering, designed the wind amplification turbine system.

Daniel Bernoulli, a physicist and mathematician in a family of mathematicians, studied fluid dynamics including aerodynamics. In 1738 he published Hydrodynamica, where, amongst other things, he found wind increases over a curved object. A newer corkscrew design turbine system has been recently installed on the base ball park a few blocks away. It is expected to be there a year.

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