Thursday, May 24, 2012

advertising Cleveland's very near west side

At one time, symbolic signs of objects advertised establishments: three gold balls were a pawn shop; a big tooth was a dentist's; a red and white pole a surgeon, eh barber's. This rebar and mesh with three scoops is easy to recognise.
Day of the Dead burrito
This combination of color in foliage and painted wall is beautiful signage. To the left of the 'T' are two penguins, a little whimsy without a ® , ℠, ℗, ™ .
John Gilroy was a painter who in the 1930s began a generation long series of advertising posters for a stout. One poster of a thirsty toucan was painted large over the full wall of a saloon, the original Toucan on a Weathervane was painted in 1955.

There is a cross over the side door. A church is across the street.
the quote of a poet burned through steel in front of a bookstore

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