Tuesday, May 22, 2012

demented propagandists in the electronic ether

“President Obama on Monday unveiled his re-election slogan, "Forward." Which is strange because it seems like every forward I get is anti-Obama.”
— Seth Myers. Weekend Update, Saturday Night Live. 5 May 2012

Yes, he is right. This is a mixed form. It inherits the chain mail function, and it often "dares" you to send it to others; similarly, with television commercials that orders you to call the office of a Democratic office holder and shill the demanded lie. Snopes.com which debunks this, and similar stuff, calls these 'urban legends' and hoaxes. These things are political virals in this technical age. They also combine some poisoned pen characteristics in their ugliness. They are black propaganda, deliberate misinformation, but more insidiously they are sent to people that are supposedly liked by the sender.

But who are the anonymous, demented, sadists who pen this electronic dreck? Are there many, or any, similarly bogus, but non-Republican/wingnut/fascist/conservative examples? It is cost effective aggravation.

Back to the insidiousness, when one actually knows the sender, and they are aware that the recipient does not welcome this political spam, and they still send it. They are true believers in the big lie. Fellow fascist pod people who want to convert you into a mindless zombie.

You cannot reason with them. They are invincibly ignorant. Louie Armstrong supposedly said, "Some people if they don't know, you can't tell them". That statement is true.

Further, there are similar Republican watchers on the internet. They monitor sites and fling their ape turds onto chatboards, and comments. Doonesbury has been written for a lifetime by Garry Trudeau. The daily comic is available on the internet, and the one provider allows a discussion board. If one likes the strip, ok fine; but if one does not, why do they haunt the site and attack Trudeau? The term for these malicious typists is 'trolls'. I say to them, "Troll -- go back beneath yonder bridge from wherest thee emerged, and never shall thee departest from it".

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