Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saint Wendelin Trusts in Jesus

Saint Wendelin, Cleveland, Ohio, has resumed their street prayer on Sundays. This was the third gathering since the news arrived ordering the Bishop of Cleveland to restore the parish. They all knew Dick Lennon was wrong, now they have a Roman Decree stating so.

They read a couple psalms, sang, prayed, spoke of the news concerning the appeals, and socialised with each other. This is what a parish does.
A small boy plays with a tiny car on the threshold of his parish church. He is continuing parish life in a manner he understands, and enjoys. His acumen, at this point, is greater than many adults.
Elaine Andrews (Ondrejka) Carroll spoke of the billboards celebrating the Vatican's message to the recalcitrant Bishop Lennon. The billboards were not just for St. Wendelin, but for all the parishes that had the courage to continue in appeal for redress and restoration.
Saint Wendelin, Cleveland, O., Parish Picture
On a very busy day on the church calendar, it was also Divine Mercy Sunday. The motto of that devotion is, 'We Trust in Jesus'. The Divine Mercy of Jesus was the patron for all the parishioners whom refused to walk away from their church and parish. They would not surrender their canonical rights. They would not abandon their Christian community which was instituted to be perpetual.

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